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Hi friends!

Welcome back to the blog. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the KWA Ronin RM4 ML from HC2 Airsoft.

The new AEG 3 RM4 Ronin Recon ML, is a part of the Ronin M-Series - a new line of modular AEG rifles.

As always, let’s first chat about the build. At the front of the rifle, we have a custom mock suppressor to cover the 14.5” outer barrel followed by an MLOK rail that has a 20mm RIS rail along its length. It features a branded metal receiver that has an enlarged trigger guard, ambidextrous fire controls and a PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip. At the rear of the rifle, we have a sling point and a PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS) which houses the battery.

Internally, this AEG features the new AEG3 gearbox, KWA Kinetic Feedback System, an improved high-torque motor, upgraded high-speed gear set, adjustable rotary hop-up and a switch life extender to prevent contact burnout.

The AEG 3 RM4 Ronin Recon ML comes presented in a KWA Ronin box (which as always looks great), I’m not a fan of the inner packaging - I firmly believe that polystyrene packaging should be reserved for Skegness market specials, but this is just a personal gripe and ultimately, it isn’t that deep. On getting the replica out of the box, she’s a long gal and has a nice weight to her - weighing in at around 3.4kg. As with all of KWA’s replicas, she’s well-built and sturdy - there are no wobbles or rattles. As I’m familiar with the M4 platform and the PTS EPS, it took me no time to battery up. For those who aren’t, you simply press in the two tabs on the stock and the padded butt pad will pop off. The EPS has great storage space to use the bigger Lithium Ion batteries such as Titan or Rebel.

It was consistent on both semi and full-auto - and as with the RM4 Q10, it was fun to shoot. Whilst I’m always impressed with KWA replicas, the kinetic feedback system adds a touch of realism which makes these really fun replicas to shoot. I tested it using a 7.4v Lipo as recommended (which I was sceptical about at first). It sounded great and was overall a great gun to shoot. When I chrono’d this replica it came out at 308 FPS, which is a little lower than expected but perfectly UK site legal. Check out my TikTok range test here.

One aspect I really like about this replica is the cut-off when empty feature, it definitely adds another element of realism to the game and is perfectly paired with the Kinetic Feedback System.

In the box, you get the AEG 3 RM4 Ronin Recon ML replica, a set of MLOK rail adapters and a KWA MS120 magazine. From HC2 Airsoft, this AEG retails for £440.

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