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Femme Fatale Airsoft is a worldwide leading airsoft blog, written by a feisty lass from the UK who loves to sling plastic, hoard tactical kit and write about it! 

Femme Fatale Airsoft is where airsofters, outdoor and firearms enthusiasts can find reviews on everything from airsoft guns and accessories to tactical kit! Alongside airsoft site and event reviews, loadouts/setups, how to articles and loads more! I test everything - the good, the bad, cheap and expensive so you don't have to.

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Kelly Louise Hardwick

Hello friends!

Firstly, let me take the time to thank you for visiting Femme Fatale Airsoft!

Now for introductions! My name is Kelly and I am the founder and owner of FF. I am an airsoft and tactical kit enthusiast who makes her living as a full-time content creator travelling the world visiting airsoft sites and events. 

​I have been actively playing airsoft for 10 years! I am a CQB girl at heart who loves to dabble in MilSim. I play hard, in your face and to win. 

As well as writing FF, I am also a contributor for Airsoft Action & PMCI. 

Founder & CEO

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Femme Fatale Airsoft was born in November 2014 shortly after I was made redundant from my job as a Fashion Buyer/Merchandiser and was involved in a car accident around the same time. FF was originally something to pour my spare time into whilst I was down on my luck, however, in the decade this blog has been live, it has well and truly changed my life. In January 2017, I quit my job to work on FF full-time.

I created FF because whilst I was scouring the internet for information geared towards women in airsoft I noticed a gap in the information available online and decided that needed to change! My goal is to and always will be to encourage/support female players and to get more women into the game by making airsoft more accessible through information available to them in online content!​


Femme Fatale Airsoft is the leading female Airsoft blog worldwide. In 2017, I was voted Airsoft Player of the Year in Popular Airsoft's 8th Player Choice Awards! And, in 2018 FFA took home the Airsoft International Award for 'Best Blog/News Website'

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