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Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog. Today I have another Gas Blow Back Pistol first impressions for you, and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Armorer Works Custom 'Black Ace' Hi-Capa AW-HX2003 from my friends over at HC2 Airsoft.

Armorer Works products come straight from the factory upgraded. They are modified with enhanced features to increase their usability and the HX2003 is no different.

Let’s chat about its features: it has a full metal slide and upper frame, an enlarged competition-style grip with a honeycomb grip pattern, an enlarged flared magwell aids with the shooters reloading ability, left-side safety, functioning beaver tail safety to prevent accidental discharges, an exaggerated front and rear slide serrations make the weapon easy to manipulate under stress, a skeletonized, squared off, anodised red, competition style trigger, an under barrel rail for mounting weapon lights or other accessories and it also features front and rear fibre optics sights that allow for quick target acquisition in low light. It also has an adjustable hop-up unit.

 The Armorer Works Custom 'Black Ace' Hi-Capa AW-HX2003 comes presented in a branded box with its 30+1 round green gas magazine. On getting the pistol out of the box, it has a good weight and the materials used give it a feel of durability. The flared magwell makes for easy reloads and it’s also compatible with KJW, WE, TM, and other similar Airsoft HICAPA series magazines so you don’t need to replace all your mags when getting this.

 It shoots consistently and has a nice kick to it. It is comfortable to wield and easy to operate/manipulate, especially with the slide serrations. It shoots at around 325 FPS (with green gas at around 11 degrees). Check out my range test on TikTok here.

In the box, you get the Armorer Works Custom 'Black Ace' Hi-Capa AW-HX2003, a 30+1 round gas magazine and the manual. From HC2 Airsoft, it retails for £174.99.

Post sponsored by HC2 Airsoft

Photos by Charlie Chatwood


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