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Hey friends! 

Welcome back to the blog, and another review in our budget/beginner AEG series! In this one, we’ll be taking a look at the ARES AM-007 from my friends over at Extreme Airsoft! 

The ARES AM-007 is constructed from mostly polymer and in terms of design, the AM-007 follows the distinct AMOEBA style, that gives it a unique and modern aesthetic. At the front of the rifle, there is a birdcage-style flash-hider that is mounted on a 14mm CW thread. Following on we have a 3.5" barrel and polymer RIS rail that has space for some attachments, in the box there is a removable foregrip and iron sights which are nice additions. The receiver is fully branded with the Amoeba trademarks. There is a stippled effect pistol grip that aids with grip in wet and cold weather. At the rear, we have an adjustable stock with a QD mount (perfect for a one-point sling). 

Internally, the AM-007 is packed with features, including ARES's new EFCS gearbox system, and Electronic Firing Control System. With this advanced gearbox, players can program the rifle to operate in semi-automatic, three-round burst, or full-auto firing modes using the Ares Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer EFCS. It also has an electronic trigger and an adjustable hop-up. 

The AM-007 comes presented in an ARES branded box, in what seems to be a recycled cardboard tray (which does feel cheap and doesn’t secure the rifle very well). On removing it from the packaging it is really light but the construction materials feel fantastic and of a high quality. There are no rattles or wobbles and it does feel like a tough little build. 

Aesthetically, as the name suggests it is a very stubby M4. I’m not personally vibing with the looks of this AEG as it looks a little too squished for my liking. Its compact size however does mean that it is super easy to manoeuvre and manipulate. I think this would be a great CQB rifle, especially for all those tight corners. So how does it shoot? I tested it using a 7.4v Lipo and it was consistent, had no feed issues and also sounded really good! When it was put through chrono, it was achieving 335 FPS consistently on a 0.20g BB which is perfect for any site in the UK and of course gives room for upgrades. You can check out my rangetest here.

In the box, you get the Ares Amoeba AM-007 M4 Stubby, a set of Iron-Sights, a Magazine with a built-in magazine pull, a cleaning rod and the user manual. From Extreme Airsoft, this replica retails for £189.99 so it is an affordable, entry-level rifle and you can even use my code ‘femmefatale23’ for 5% off (not affiliate, just saving you some cash dollar). 

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft

Professional Photos by Krios Photography.

Originally posted Thursday 20 July 2023


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