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Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog! Today we’re continuing our series on affordable/entry-level airsoft guns and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender from Extreme Airsoft. Is this the perfect entry-level RIF?

The Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender is constructed mostly from a lightweight polymer with metal components that makes it a sturdy yet super lightweight build. At the very front of the rifle, we have a metal bird cage style flash hider that has a 14mm CCW thread making it easy to remove and replace with a tracer unit or mock suppressor. Following on it has a quad handguard that has 20mm RIS/Rails on all sides, this gives the user so many options for customisation - from grips to lasers, torches etc. It has a full-length top rail that spans the handguard and receiver but it is split in two with a 1/2’ riser in the middle (this is intended for mounting red dot optics but I’ll tell you later why I personally wouldn’t mount it there). On the receiver, the Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender features an ergonomic finger-ridged pistol grip, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip, even during intense engagements. The flat low-profile trigger guard promotes a natural and ergonomic trigger finger placement. There is a metal ambidextrous sling plate and at the very back of the rifle there is a 6-position adjustable crane stock which offers adjustability to accommodate users of different sizes and preferences. As the replica is rear-wired, the stock conceals the battery storage compartment which is very roomy and the rubberised butt plate enhances comfort during extended gameplay sessions.

Internally, the Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender boasts a reinforced V2 gearbox, that is compatible with aftermarket upgrade parts. The full steel tooth piston further enhances the rifle's performance, especially during rapid-fire situations and the inclusion of a high-torque flat motor gives this replica a swift response and enhanced rate of fire. It also features a metal-reinforced selector plate and a micro-switch trigger, which helps extend trigger life and improves trigger response, resulting in better overall performance and faster follow-up shots. To enhance accuracy and range, the rifle features an adjustable hop-up unit and a 6.03mm inner barrel.

Lastly, the Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender also features a quick-change spring system allowing players to quickly and easily change the FPS of their replica.

The Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender comes presented in a Nuprol black and red branded box. On removing the replica from the box, it is extremely lightweight because of its mostly polymer construction. Although the polymer it’s made from doesn’t feel cheap, it does make the replica feel inexpensive compared to a full metal AEG. However, there are no wobbles or rattles and the construction appears to be sound. 

Aesthetically, it is a pretty basic M4 but there is scope for a lot of customisation with accessories such as tracer units, PEQ boxes, grips etc so you can really make it your own. It comes in a few different colours including black, tan and grey - I chose the grey colour way for this review for something different.

So how does it shoot? Now I’ve never used a Nuprol AEG so I was really interested to see how this would perform. I tested it using a 7.4v Lipo and it was consistent, had no feed issues and also sounded okay. When it was put through chrono, it was achieving 332 FPS consistently on a 0.20g BBs which is perfect for any site in the UK and of course gives room for upgrades.

Is there anything I don’t like about it? Yes. I hate the riser (so sorry Nuprol!). It is too far forward for a comfortable sight picture for me and the riser is also bridging. Bridging is the act of mounting an optic on both the handguard and the rail. Now, admittedly it is airsoft and some players don’t really care where the optics go, but optics are there to enhance your accuracy and they need to be zeroed. For them to be zeroed, we need a stable mount, and unfortunately, the handguard doesn’t provide stability. The reason for this, is that handguards move and flex from the pressure that we apply to them from hands, slings, and more meaning that it will affect your zero significantly.

In the box, you get the Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender AEG, a 370 round high capacity magazine and the all-important manual. From Extreme, this RIF retails for £139.99 so it is a really affordable, entry-level rifle and you can use my code ‘femmefatale23’ for 5% off (not affiliate, just saving you some cash dollar dollar). 

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft.

Originally posted Thursday 6 July 2023


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