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Hi friends!

Welcome back to the blog. In this one, I have another review for you and in this one, we’re going to be looking at the ARCTURUS AK12 AEG Performance Enhanced Edition!

The AK12 AEG PE is a modern looking AK from ARCTURUS that has been engineered to give the user elevated performance and exceptional durability making it a great choice for players who demand more from their replicas. 

First, let’s talk about the external features. At the front of the rifle, we have a metal muzzle brake followed by the one-piece CNC aluminium outer barrel. The handguard has a 20mm RIS rail that also runs the length of the receiver - perfect for adding red dot sights. The receiver has an alloy construction with a polymer moulded pistol grip. At the back of the rifle, we have a 6-point adjustable stock that has a padded butt pad for extra comfort.

Internally, it has the ARCTURUS RS CNC Steel Machines 13:1 gear set, a high torque neodymium motor 21T w/ MIM steel pinion gear, ETU by PERUN x ARCTURUS, ARCTURUS V3 tuneable trigger stopper, reinforced polymer precision rotary hop-up unit and a precision 6.01mm tightbore inner barrel.

Other features include an electronic fuse to protect your rifle's internal electronics, a progressive trigger for a smooth and responsive trigger pull that includes a binary setting so you can deal double taps, adjustable trigger sensitivity with 5 levels of adjustment, a ROF reduction setting helping you control your rate of fire, a Li-Po alarm to help safeguard your Li-Po batteries and a diagnostic system that allows you to monitor the AK12 PE’s performance. I think it would possibly be easier to name the features it doesn’t have!

The ARCTURUS AK12 AEG PE comes presented in an ARCTURUS branded box, and on getting it out, it feels great in hand - no rattles or wobbles and it weighs in at 3.5kg making feel sturdy and durable. The battery is housed under the dust cover and whilst space is tight, it does fit a Nuprol stick Li-Po nicely. I think you would potentially struggle to fit a lithium-ion battery but again, it would depend on the shape. As I’m new to the AK platform, it did take me a little while to install the battery but I’m sure I’ll get quicker at this over time.

So how did this replica perform on its range test? It was consistent on both semi and full-auto. The 2 burst mode was also a nice surprise. I used a 7.4v Lipo as recommended. It sounded great and was overall a great gun to shoot. When I chrono’d this replica it came out at 339 FPS, which is perfect for any UK site. Check out my TikTok range test here!

Included in the box are two high-cap magazines, now whilst I’m no fan of high caps and wished these were mid-caps - it does mean that you have enough mags/ammo to play an entire game day without needing to buy extra magazines. You also get a sticker sheet, a connection converter and a patch (alongside the replica of course!) From Land Warrior Airsoft, this replica retails for £519.99.

Post sponsored by Land Warrior Airsoft


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