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 Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog! 

This weekend, our good friends over at HC2 Airsoft are having a relaunch weekend to celebrate the opening of their expanded retail store. 

The store now has twice the footprint, an attack sense target range and 40 new product lines added! Check out these photos of the new store:

To celebrate the relaunch of HC2 Airsoft, for this weekend only (27th October - 29th October 2023) there are some crazy discounts on G&G and Vorsk replicas, and up to £100 of selected KWA! 

Their fully renovated CQB airsoft gaming area is also now open for play!

Check out these amazing photos of the revamped gaming area, They've listened to players' feedback and made significant upgrades to provide us with the ultimate airsoft experience. From multi-story buildings to enhanced lighting, it's all here to take our gaming experience to the next level.

To book onto HC2, click here

Check out the online retail store here

Originally published Friday 27 October 2023


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