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Hey friends! 

Welcome to another review! In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Elite Force (Umarex) H8R ‘Super Magnum’ from Extreme Airsoft

When I first started the blog in 2014 and I was designing my logo, I thought revolvers looked the absolute tits so 2 revolvers it was but, weirdly enough I’ve never actually used an airsoft revolver. Buying a Dan Wesson revolver that I would then need to buy downgrade shells for seemed a bit pointless so I put a revolver purchase on the back burner, then I came across the Elite Force H8R on a trip to the States - they weren’t available in the UK at that time but sure enough, I’ve finally got my hands on one! 

The Elite Force H8R ‘Super Magnum’ is described as an ‘aggressive-looking revolver’ that has been constructed from a high-quality polymer. It features a 20mm rail on the top and underside to enable it to take a variety of attachments such as red dot sights and torches. Unlike other revolvers, the chamber doesn’t flip out, instead, it has daisywheels of rounds with a 10-round capacity. The Gen 2 H8R also features fibre front and rear sights and an adjustable hop for accuracy. It is also powered by CO2 powered for reliability. In the box, there are three 10-round magazines and an Allen key! All you need to add are BBs and a 12g CO2 bulb. 

The H8R does for the most part look like a normal revolver in the respect of it looks like it has a revolving chamber but it is a lot chunkier than others. Despite its oversized design, it is lightweight and fits nicely in the hand. The serrations, fibre front/back sight and the top/underside rails make it look mean and the bullet mouldings in the daisywheel are a nice aesthetic touch. 

In terms of usability, It is really simple to use - the CO2 bulb goes in the grip and there is a little slide button that releases/secures the daisywheel, once these are both in the safety the hammer can be disengaged and you can start shooting. As it’s CO2 it has a nice kick to it and it shoots consistently. Unlike other airsoft Revolvers, it chrono’s in at just over 300FPS meaning it is site-legal and being CO2-powered rather than gas-powered makes it reliable in all conditions. The daisywheels are pretty easy to reload but can be a bit fiddly if you aren’t used to them. 

Are there any downsides? I do question how skirmish-able this is, purely for the fact it has 10 round daisywheels (due to capacity), however, I do believe it is more skirmish-able than other airsoft revolvers due to the higher capacity mags and not needing to load shells individually. I think this is a great gun for plinking and target practice and would look sick for a modern cowboy loadout. 

In terms of cost, this retails for just £74.99 from Extreme Airsoft which I think is great value and the reason I got it. Most airsoft secondaries range in the price of £100-£300 so if you’re looking for a unique, affordable secondary this is definitely something to consider. 

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft

Originally posted Thursday 10th June 2021


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