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Hey friends!

Welcome back to the blog! I’m back with another review in partnership with Extreme Airsoft and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Double Bell SCR-L AEG!

Let’s first dive into who Double Bell actually is as some Airsofters new to the sport might not know their background. Double Bell is a name we’ve seen popping up in online stores for a little while now. They used to be known by just ‘Bell’. They’ve always been a relatively small manufacturer but a few years back they purchased the entire factory known for years as DBoys together with a complete production line and equipment. So now some of the DBoys replicas have reappeared under a new name Double Bell.

The Double Bell SCR-L (or Scar Light) has been constructed from nylon polymer with a metal upper receiver. Its RIS Rails, barrel, iron sights, and magazine are also made of metal. It has a 20mm Picatinny rail that follows the length of the receiver and hand guard and a folding stock (or the Ugg boot as it is affectionately known) that has a rubber cap for comfortable shouldering and the stock also houses the battery along with a textured pistol grip. On the receiver, we can find the ambidextrous fire selector and magazine release.

Internally, we have a metal reinforced gearbox with steel gears, 7 mm precision ball bearings, a metal spring guide with the bearing, a reinforced cylinder head, a vacuum piston head, and an adjustable hop-up.

Aesthetically there isn’t much to report on for the SCR-L bar the distinctive UGG bootie stock - if you haven’t seen the memes I implore you to google them, they’re pretty good! The UGG boot stock is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of stock but as an avid UGG wearer during the early 2000s, it’s my vibe. It does have a lot of rail space to add accessories and the folding stock does help reduce the size for CQB and urban environments.

In terms of usability, the battery is surprisingly easy to install - you simply press the button on the riser on the stock and lift, this then allows you to install the battery. I would advise using a small stick battery as the battery storage compartment is pretty small. The Double Bell SCR-L accepts standard M4 AEG magazines so if you already have an AR platform there’s no need to get any new magazines. Its fire controls and mag release are also in similar places to the AR platform so it is a smooth transition although the fire selector is slightly different.

It chronos pretty consistently at 337 FPS which is more than enough for any CQB site in the UK. It fires with no issues on both semi-auto and full-auto (and has a good rate of fire too). You can check out my fire test on TikTok here!

In the box, you get the Double Bell SCR-L AEG, a High Capacity Magazine. From Extreme Airsoft it retails for just £179.99 which is such a good price point for an Airsoft AEG and you can use code ‘femmefatale21’ for 5% off!

Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft

Originally posted Wednesday 22 December 2021


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