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Hey friends! 

Happy New Year! 

Welcome back to the blog. Today I'm looking back on the airsoft replicas I've enjoyed using the most over the last year. Disclaimer: these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I have used in 2021 - meaning they more than likely aren't groundbreaking or the newest releases, simply the ones I've enjoyed using the most. Let me know your faves in the comments! 

Number 5: KWA RONIN TK45C 

Taking the number 5 spot this year is the KWA RONIN TK45C! The TK45C has a full metal modular upper receiver, an integrated 6” keymod handguard, a PDW style stock, and included in the box is a set of PTS Enhanced Flip-up Front and Rear Polymer Sights, all of which gives this AEG a futuristic look. It has the KWA VPS system which allows you to change the FPS easily and whilst it doesn't have a MOSFET as standard, it does have a cool cut-off feature that means the gun won't fire if the mag is empty, which makes it more realistic to play with and prevents dry fire damage. This AEG has now been discontinued, but I am really looking forward to using the TK45C2 2022 version! 

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At number 4, we have the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. The Krytac KRISS Vector has been a firm favourite of mine since it was released in 2017. I just love the look of the Vector – it’s so different from any other weapon on the market and its performance out of the box is pretty hard to match. It is accurate, has great range, and has consistent groupings which for me what makes it such a great choice if you’re looking for an all-rounder weapon. It has a polymer receiver, a 20mm Picatinny rail that spans the length of the receiver and a collapsable stock. 

Internally, it has a polymer piston of which the first 5 teeth are metal. It also features a polymer cylinder head, an Aluminium mech box, 8mm steel bushings, a similar motor to the motor found in the trident series and an electronic control system that is powered by microswitches. This gal has it all in my eyes. 

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At number 3, we have the KWA RONIN 47! Now I’ve used a few AKs in my time airsofting but you guys and gals know that I’m an M4 gal at heart. Could this be the AK to change that though?! 

It has a 7″ MLOK handguard, a Gen. 2 PDW ‘Tanker’ stock, the new “Cutter” muzzle brake, and a paddle-style magazine release. The rail and upper receiver are metal, and the lower receiver is an Aluminium mix. It also has the PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip and the Enhanced Back-Up Ironsights. It looks sleek in all black. As for the internals, it also has the AEG 2.5 gearbox that many of the other KWA range have, the VPS system - the Variable Performance System - that enables the player to adjust the FPS with the use of a tool (which is included in the box), a reinforced radiused mechbox and it is ready for a MOSFET to be dropped in (but doesn’t have one as standard). 

I love how it’s a mash-up of an M4 and an AK - KWA has done a really good job on the aesthetics for this, and it’s easy to use and shoots great. What’s not to love? 

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At number 2, we have the Golden Eagle M870 M-LOK Tri-Shot Gas Pump Action Shotgun - a shotty? I know, unexpected! This is a replica of the shorter M870, which has an added AR pistol grip, buffer tube, and a sliding six-position stock. It has been manufactured mostly from alloy and only uses Polymer for the pistol grip and stock to be as close to the real thing as possible. It’s gas-powered and features a 20mm rail on the receiver, a ghost ring rear iron sight already installed, an M-LOK style pump handle, and the six-position stock conceals the internal gas tank in the buffer tube. 

From the sound of racking it, to how it shoots, to how it looks - there’s nothing I don’t enjoy about it. The stock makes it super comfy to shoulder and it’s compact/lightweight - perfect for CQB junkies! 

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The number 1 spot for my favourite airsoft gun of 2021 is, the Redwolf X Agency Arms EXA! I’ve been running this as pretty much my only secondary solidly for the last year and honestly, this gal has been through a LOT (including literally a piece of plasterboard but we’ll skip that story!). 

The EXA features a full metal slide with all the serrations and signature Agency 'A's we see on their slides, a fibre optic front sight, a metal blackout barrel, and a fully licensed Timberwolf lower that has a faux shark stipple and an adjustable trigger. This pistol really is a thing of beauty! 

I haven’t done an in-depth review of this pistol yet, so what do we think? Shall we get it reviewed? Let me know in the comments!

Originally posted Wednesday 5 January 2022


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